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Class 1 – 100mm (W) x 45mm (H)

Class 2 – 130mm (W) x 50mm (H)

Class 3 – 155mm (W) x 55mm (H)

Class 4 – 160mm (W) x 65mm (H)

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Forklift fork extensions are quick and easy to fit, our fork extensions sleeves are designed to extend the forklifts reach allowing long or out of reach loads to be handled. Extension forks help save time loading trucks as they enable the forklift to reach across the truck’s deck meaning the truck can be loaded from one side. They are also great for picking up two pallets at one time or handling larger loads. AS 2359.15 requires the fork tines length to be a minimum of 60% of the length of fork extension.


  • High Safe Working Load rating
  • Made from high tensile grade steel
  • Zinc plated for corrosion protection
  • Supplied with toggle locking pins
  • Fitted with rating plate
  • Supplied with instruction manual
  • Other sizes manufactured to order
  • Manufactured strictly in accordance with AS 2359.15
Product CodeOverall Length


SWL per Pair at 600mm L/C (kg)Max tine width & height

Min tine length (mm)

Outside dimensions (mm)Inside dimensions (mm)Unit weight per pair (kg)
FS-01-16016003000100w x 45h x 1070L122 x 60115 x 5050
FS-01-18018003000100w x 45h x 1200L122 x 60115 x 5056
FS-01-21021003000100w x 45h x 1400L122 x 60115 x 5066
FS-01-24024003000100w x 45h x 1400L122 x 60115 x 5075
FS-02-16016004500130w x 50h x 1070L150 x 65140 x 5360
FS-02-18018004500130w x 50h x 1200L150 x 65140 x 5366
FS-02-21021004500130w x 50h x 1400L150 x 65140 x 5378
FS-02-24024004500130w x 50h x 1600L150 x 65140 x 5388
FS-02-30030004500130w x 50h x 2000L150 x 65140 x 53110
FS-03-16016006500155w x 55h x 1070L175 x 75165 x 6390
FS-03-18018006500155w x 55h x 1200L175 x 75165 x 63102
FS-03-21021006500155w x 55h x 1400L175 x 75165 x 63119
FS-03-24024006500155w x 55h x 1600L175 x 75165 x 63136
FS-03-30030006500155w x 55h x 2000L175 x 75165 x 63170
FS-04-18018008500160w x 65h x 1200L190 x 90170 x 70133
FS-04-21021008500160w x 65h x 1400L190 x 90170 x 70155
FS-04-24024008500160w x 65h x 1600L190 x 90170 x 70177
FS-04-30030008500160w x 65h x 2000L190 x 90170 x 70221

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Class 1 3000kg, Class 2 4500kg, Class 3 6500kg, Class 4 8500kg


1600mm, 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm, 3000mm

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