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Single Beak Grip Drum Lifter


Single Beak Grip Drum Lifter

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This drum handling equipment is our most popular drum lifter due to its ease of use no manual connections required. The height of the beak allows the operator to continually observe the drum being handled. The unique beak design, provides a high clamping force which allows most plastic drums with a top lip to be clamped. A heavier drum only increases the clamping force so it’s even more effective than a Spade drum lifter when travelling over uneven ground. The FDH 18-506 has been designed to lift 1 drum. This drum handling equipment is suitable for standard 205 litre steel or plastic drums with Ribs. Finished in a galvanized coating for outdoor use. Supplied with certification plates and a safety chain.


Manufactured strictly in accordance with AS 2359

Product CodeSWL (kg)Pocket Size (mm)Pocket Centre (mm)Load Centre (mm)Horizontal C of GVertical C of GUnit Weight (kg)
FDH 18-5061000185 x 60250121056013072


For simple and safe lifting, handling and transporting of drums, our beak drum lifter offers the perfect solution, and like all our forklift attachments, will come fully come certified.

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